Monday, May 26, 2014

Fast Forward: Meet the Petersons

Aside: I've severely slacked on blog writing duties and a lifetime of things have changed. So, here's to a fresh start, new beginnings, a blog transformation, and punctual life updates. 

Meet the Petersons:
I'm Lauren. He's Michael. March 2, 2012, we met on a blind date. Little did we know what adventures were in store for us. One thing led to another; we got to know each other. We danced, romanced, broke up, woke up, got rings, wedding things, connected the dots, and tied the knot. 

Michael is getting ready to start medical school at Duke in August and I am in law school at BYU (for now). 

This blog is henceforth dedicated to the adventures of us. 


  1. Hey Lauren, I'm liking the new blog. You are quite clever with words. And it's so nice to have references to full names now instead of just letters. Those letter references always confused me.

    I'm looking froward to future blog updates.

  2. Yay! Hooray! You almost make me want to start blogging again, myself. Almost. However, I'd much rather read about your more exciting life. Thanks for resuming. I love it!

  3. Love the rhymes and cannt wait to follow your adventures!


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