Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We Buy Kimonos. And One Gigantic Lint Roller

Alright alright. So it has taken me 8 billion years to finish blogging about the Japan trip. And the joyous thing is that (or maybe not so joyous if you're tired of hearing about it) after this post I still have 4 days left to go. Maybe it's because a mini part of me doesn't want to be finished with it. Perhaps I will start combining the days. I am getting lazy in my old age. That's the depressing truth. But alas, I couldn't bring myself to combine this post with another. No, not Nara. Home of 1,200 little deer. Though it's tough to say, I might have to dub Nara as my favorite place in Japan. Mostly because little deer stood next to me and ate crackers right out of the palm of my hand. It was better than Disneyland. Almost.

Here's the quick and dirty (though not so dirty because Japan is impeccable in the cleanliness area). I wouldn't want to ruin the magic of Nara with a lengthly post.

-Isuien Garden: Lovely little garden that sparked a desire in me to get my very on Bonsai tree. One day.

-Todai-ji: Daibutsu, Japan's largest bronze Buddha which is housed inside the world's largest wooden structure. Each curl on the Buddha's head is as large as a human head.

-Kofuku-ji: A five story pagoda and many many deer.

-Totally Turtles: Hundreds of tiny turtles in a mini lake. I nearly jumped in 1. To catch one and bring it home 2. It was unbearably hot and I was sweating bullets.

-Tiny Old Japanese Men Riding Around Town: After walking for a million miles, I certainly envied them.

-Mr. Donut: These look incredibly delicious, do they not? I have never been more excited to have a donut. My heart fell the moment I bit into it. I thought I had crammed a handful of packing peanuts in my mouth by mistake.

-We Buy A Gigantic Lint Roller: We went crazy in the 100 yen store. Imagine the possibilities with this beauty. Next flight you go on, remember to pack one of these.

-Kimonos: After our Kimono renting experience, we couldn't leave Japan without purchasing three. Or rather, after being in the second hand Kimono store for over an hour, we couldn't leave without purchasing one. I'm still contemplating the perfect occasion to wear it.


  1. I love, love, LOVE my kimono! I think there will be many perfect and varied occasions that I will find to wear it!!!

  2. Heavens yes! A kimono is something every girl can use. There are endless possibilities that I can think of.
    So glad you are still blogging about your trip. It is so fun to read about your adventures.


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